Lorraine handing out food

The Centennial Parkside CDC’s Food Distribution Program Serves East Parkside Families During the Covid-19 Crisis

By Chris Spahr, Executive Director, Centennial Parkside CDC

The Centennial Parkside CDC was founded in 2015 with a mission to preserve, promote, and revitalize East Parkside through partnerships with businesses and institutions and programs that engage residents, increase opportunity, and grow a diverse, thriving community. As the Covid-19 crisis set in, the CDC temporarily changed its mission to meet the food security needs of the neighborhood.

With no supermarkets, no functioning food pantry, nor emergency
support from the city, the Centennial Parkside CDC set up a makeshift food distribution program out of a newly purchased and yet to be renovated building on North 40th Street. By the third week of the pandemic, the CDC was giving out nearly 500 meals; now they
provide groceries and more than 2,000 meals per week to nearly 15% of East Parkside households. The CDC has done all of this through partnerships with Mount Vernon Manor Community Development Corporation, Brandywine Realty Trust, Pagano’s Market and Bar, Matt and Marie’s, the Garces Group, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Nutrition Development Services, and Greener Partners. Breakfast and lunches are given out every Monday and Wednesday from 1:00 PM until they are gone. All are welcome! Please wear a mask and respect social distancing.


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