Centennial Village Changes West Parkside

Picture shows the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Centennial Village grand opening in West Parkside near 52nd and Parkside. Mayor Jim Kenney, State Senator Vincent Hughes, Councilmen Curtis Jones, were among political leaders and community stakeholders on hand for the ceremony. Community Leader Lucinda Hudson can be seen in the center of the picture.

The above image is a picture of the ribbon cutting celebrating the opening of the Centennial Village project in West Parkside. The event took place on Thursday, August 23, 2018 and was a collaboration between the City of Philadelphia, Community Ventures and the Parkside Association of Philadelphia. Seemingly, overnight the new project has transformed 52nd Street between Columbia and Parkside Avenues and connecting areas by rejuvenating former vacant lots and run down buildings.

Far from happening overnight the project took more than 20 months to complete. The new project provides 51 units of affordable housing and 7,227 square feet of commercial space.

The full project includes a 30-unit apartment building, a mixed-use building with six residential units and two commercial spaces, and the renovation and new construction of seven single-family homes and one duplex.

“The completion of Centennial Village is a pivotal part of the revitalization efforts in the Parkside community,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “This project eliminated a large area of blight, and brought more affordable housing units to our city. Projects like these impact levels of crime, property values, and community pride. The new apartments, homes, and commercial spaces showcase the City’s continuous commitment to invest in Philadelphia neighborhoods.”

“Parkside Association has been working to build and preserve this West Park Community since 1997,” said Lucinda Hudson, Parkside Association of Philadelphia’s Executive Director and long time community advocate. “The Shopping Center was one milestone. In partnership with Community Ventures again for this latest residential and commercial project, Centennial Village. This will further the growth of West Parkside area. Thank God! God willing more projects will be coming to the West Parkside area.”

For more information on this project go to http://www.community-ventures.org/


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