Businesses host 30 free Community Book Depots on Lancaster Avenue

Leroy’s Barber Shop will host the Community Book Depots on Lancaster Avenue launch on Thursday, October 5. The depots are the result of a collaboration between West Philadelphia Action for Early Learning (AFEL), (a partnership between Drexel University and People’s Emergency Center), along with Philadelphia Reads, Read by 4th and West Philadelphia Promise Neighborhood. A modification of the “tiny libraries” that have become a literacy trend, people are encouraged to keep the books they pick up and read together as a family. Thirty neighborhood-oriented stores along Lancaster Avenue have opened space for a crate full of books inside their stores. The launch of the Community Book Depots will include presentation, a book demo, and a celebration of a diverse and committed community coming together to bolster early childhood literacy for all.

When:   Thursday, October 5th, 11:00am

Where: Leroy’s Barber Shop; 4123 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia PA 19104


  • Invested neighbors of diverse backgrounds excited to encourage literacy for children
  • Autumn decorations and a classic barber shop
  • Short presentations from partner organizations
  • Resources available for neighbors

Contact: Trish Downey, PEC at 267-777-5811; 267-334-5778;


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