Indego Bike Share Open for Business In Parkside

by Michael Burch

A look at the New Indego Bike Share Station on Parkside Avenue
A look at the New Indego Bike Share Station on Parkside Avenue

The City of Philadelphia’s INDEGO Bike share program is up and running in Parkside. INDEGO is a network of public bikes that can be rented for short periods of time and is a fun and affordable way to get around the city. You can check out a bike at any station, ride to where you want to go, and return the bike to any station. A $15 a month membership gives you an unlimited number of 1 hour trips.

The staff at INGEGO has been hosting various discussions with Parkside residents at local public meetings since early September 2015. The purpose of these meetings has been to inform area residents about the coming program and to get feedback on the best locations for the bike stations.

By now many Parkside residents have noticed and may have used the INDEGO bikes at their stations along Parkside Avenue. For those who have not noticed them,the stations in Parkside can be found in three locations:

  • on the sidewalk in front of the Philadelphia Zoo
  • along Parkside Avenue near the School of the Future
  • in the 4200 block of Parkside Avenue near the Case Building next to the eastbound 38 bus stop.
  • Negotiations are currently underway for a fourth station. If all goes well that station will be in the Parkwest Shopping Center at 52nd and Jefferson Streets. In the future new stations may be set up at the Mann Music Center, the Pump Track or the Please Touch Museum.

It’s important to note that the two Parkside Avenue sites are located in temporary locations. This is mostly due to the upcoming construction of the Park Conservancy’s Parkside Edge project.


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