INDEGO Bike Share Expands Into East & West Parkside

By Cara Ferrentino & Kiera Smalls

Warmer months are coming and there will soon be a new way to get around Parkside! The City’s Office of Transportation & Infrastructure Systems has been working with Parkside community groups to gather resident input about the program and station locations, and has been thrilled by the positive response.

This spring, Indego will be expanding to Parkside Avenue as a new option getting around, for fitness, and for fun. You will be able to pick up a bike in Parkside and ride to any of the other ~100 stations across the city, or return the bike where you started.

A group of bikers ready to take a spin! (Photo Source: IndeGo)
A group of bikers ready to take a spin! (Photo Source: IndeGo)

Indego means:

InShape—A new way to exercise

InBudget—Cheaper than gas at $15 for as many 1-hour rides as you want for 30 days straight

InControl—Buy a pass with cash or credit online

InTime—Available 24/7 and year round, on your schedule

Independent—Indego is made for exploring and connecting with the community

Stay updated by visiting or catching a future issue of the Parkside Journal. Please contact Cara Ferrentino at 215-686-9001 or to discuss Indego’s partnership opportunities and upcoming ‘learn to ride’ class series.

Remember riding a bike is FUN! You have to try it to believe it! It’s not only convenient and cuts down the wait time you spend in traffic or waiting for the bus; biking also promotes healthy living and freedom to travel more efficiently, with the wind in your hair, and a smile on you face. Our Bikes are built to be sturdy, with built in lights, baskets, and bells. Explore, exercise and connect with your park, family and neighbors!


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