Coming Soon! Proposed Parkside Edge Project in East Parkside

by Jennifer Mahar

A look at the proposed "neighborhood room."
A look at the proposed “neighborhood room.”

The Fairmount Park Conservancy is thrilled to share our progress on the planned new recreation space in West Fairmount Park.  The Conservancy and Studio: Bryan Hanes have been working with East Parkside stakeholders over the last 18 months to envision a modern recreation space along the section of West Fairmount Park that borders the Parkside Ave edge of the park and will serve the adjacent community.

The first phase of the new park will include two distinct sections – a play area that will focus on nature-based exploration (including a climbing structure, sprayground, and more) and a passive recreation area along Parkside Avenue with new seating and inviting gathering spaces that will create a safer and more lively entry into the park for neighbors. Generous funding from the William Penn Foundation is supporting the creation of the new park. The project is currently in the design phase, incorporating feedback received at community meetings throughout 2014.

We will continue to solicit ideas from Parkside residents so that we are able to create a public space that truly reflects the community’s vision. Please be aware that in April and May in conjunction with Penn State University, we will be conducting door-to-door surveys of neighborhood residents in order to assess current park usage, community perception and interest in the park

And stay tuned – once we are farther along with the design for the first phase, we will host an open community meeting to share the design and solicit additional feedback from residents. We hope to begin construction later in 2015.

In the meantime, if you would like more information about the Parkside Edge project in West Fairmount Park, please contact Jennifer Mahar, Director of Park Stewardship at the Fairmount Park Conservancy, at 215-391-4810 or


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