Educated Sistas’ In Parkside

In the following article, Bria K. Williams details her experiences with EDUCATED SISTAS’ ASSOCIATION which is a nonprofit charitable organization. The mission of Educated Sistas’ Association is to educate, network, inspire, mentor and motivate women and girls, especially at- risk teens. This is a nation-wide organization which was established in 2007. In her article, Bria Williams describes her experiences with the Philadelphia branch of the organization, which is located at 4036 W. Girard Avenue. Its phone number is (215) 222-0417. The Parkside Journal is publishing this article in keeping with its policy of publicizing organizations that seek to bring about positive change in our community.

 by Bria Williams

typing on the computerMy journey with Educated Sistas’ Association began in July of 2011. I was referred to Mrs. Genithia Geiger by a classmate. All I can remember her saying is, “I think you two would get along well”. My classmate went on to tell me that Mrs. Geiger was the Founder and Executive Director of a mentoring organization, Educated Sistas’ Association, and that I could benefit from being a part of it. Therefore, I got in touch with Mrs. Geiger and set a date to meet that summer.

I met with her on a weekend morning and she told me what the nonprofit organization was all about. She informed me that Educated Sistas’ is a member organization established to educate, advocate, network, inspire, and motivate women and girls, especially at-risk-teens. Mrs. Geiger went on to explain that they carry out their mission through community service, education, mentoring, training, and development in order to empower women and girls.

The nonprofit was established in 2007 when Genithia, herself a high school drop out recipient of a GED, experienced first hand how the lack of resources, mentors, and low self-esteem could lead to dropping out. Her background and perseverance form the foundation that is used to connect and inspire girls and young women in the community.

I have always been very ambitious from a young age, so I knew that having a mentor would help me as I figured out what paths I needed to follow to take me where I wanted to go.

Currently, I attend The Pennsylvania State University. I am a sophomore who is majoring in print journalism and minoring in Political Science. Upon graduation, I would like to move permanently from West Philadelphia to write as a political journalist for a major newspaper publication in a big city—either New York, Los Angeles, or Washington.

To achieve these goals, I am currently writing for two newspapers: The Daily Colleegian and the Centre Daily Times. I am also the Co-Editor of OutRider Newsletter, a publication for and by the LGBTQA community.

I have grown to have extreme confidence in myself and I have Genithia and the wonderful people at Educated Sistas’ to thank for that. Genithia has contributed tremendously to my success. This organization is not only a mentoring program. It also allows the black community to come together and do something positive. It is a safe and nurituring space that encourages a struggling lower class young woman to go from dropping out of high school to receiving a scholarship to a four year institution of higher learning. Great things can happen to you at Educated Sistas’ if you put in the work. It provides young women and girls with community service experiences, mentoring, scholarship and college/university information, and anything else they need to succeed.


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