Creative Voices: Words I Write *Mom*

Upon your shoulders first
Was when I viewed the world
You set my mind in motion
Towards the mountains that I hurl

As the years have come and gone
I look back in awe and think
How hard for you to raise a son
Bring him to manhood’s brink

Pain and Joy.
Life gives no guarantees
We come. We live. We go.
And some look back to see
What of the seeds that they did sow

In retrospect with all their might
There are still things one may miss
So let me take this moment here
To strongly tell you this

Of all your tears and sacrifice
There is no way to measure
But know inside my heart and soul
Your love is my greatest treasure

If ever a time should come when
The future forgets the past
I trust that fate will bend with pen
And these words I write will last



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