Major Petition Drive Underway

A view of 5000 Parkside Avenue
A view of 5000 Parkside Avenue

by Juanita Alexander

Just before the deadline for the printing of the Parkside Journal, this paper was informed by reliable sources that a petition drive is currently underway in the Parkside area (and possibly in other neighboring communities). The focus of the petition drive is the METADONE Clinic (Formally known as Parkside Recovery in West Philadelphia) located at 5000 Parkside Avenue. This facility has been a fixture in our community form many years.

According to the copy of the petition obtained by the Journal, the ultimate goal of the petitioners is to have the clinic moved to another location outside of the Parkside Community and its adjacent neighborhoods. The petition expresses concern about the affect of the clinic on neighborhood safety and the physical and cultural environmental of the Parkside community. The petition also allages that the clinic is a hindrance to business development and economic growth in Parkside.

In accordance with the Journal’s belief in fair and objective news reporting, efforts were made to obtain comments from both the clinic and the local police. Repeated attempts were made to contact the Clinic by phone and get a response or statement concerning this issue from the executive Director of Addition Services or other clinic spokesperson.

The Journal did not receive any response to calls or voice messages. (If the Journal receives any response or statement from the clinic after the printing of this issue, every effort will be made to post it on our website). Despite time constraints, the Journal was able to briefly contact a community relations representative from the 19th police District. She said that she could not recall any specific recent incidents involving the the metadone clinic. She did state, however, that there have been a significant number of complaints from the community about loitering by some of the patrons of the clinic after they receive their medicine.

It was her opinion that more needed to be done to (by the operators of the clinic) to encourage clients to leave the area around the clinic in a more timely fashion after the completion of their medical treatments.

The editors of the Journal are encouraging all Parkside residents to become more informed about this important issue. Journal readers are invited to visit our website at for updates and/or comments about this fast moving story. The next issue of the Journal will have a follow up report on this important community issue.


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