Please Touch Museum’s “Stories In Schools Program”

by Claudia SetubalĀ 

Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia PA
Please Touch Museum(Photo credit: Jim, the Photographer)

Each fall, after students have settled into the routine of school, neighborhood schools get special visitors. The Please Touch Museum staff works with several local elementary schools and childcare centers to provide special literacy programming inside the classroom.

The visits are part of a program called “Stories In Schools,” that brings the Please Touch Museum’s signature brand of learning through play into classrooms throughout the Parkside neighborhood.

The program’s goal is to support teachers and schools by nurturing students’ love of .books and reading (from preschool through third grade). When a Please Touch Coordinator comes into the classroom, the students are eager and excited as they are exposed to a variety of enriching activities.

The children experience (1) dramatic games; (2) creative math, science, and music activities; (3) book reading; and (4) a final art project at the end of the lesson. The students get to know their PTM facilitator well over the course of the six- week program. At the end of the program, they receive books to take home and free passes to the Museum. The classroom teachers also receive a box of art supplies to continue the activities after the PTM coordinator leaves

The books used in the classroom are selected from outstanding classic and contemporary children’s literature as well as literary selections from the Please Touch Museum’s Book Award winners.

Children who participate in the program help select the Kids Choice Winner for the annual Please Touch Museum Award. Students are able to vote for their favorite book and are invited to participate in the Book Award Ceremony at the Museum.

The “Stories In Schools” program currently takes place at several schools in the Parkside neighborhood and surrounding areas including Belmont Academy Charter School, Rudolph Blankenburg Elementary School, Edward Heston Elementary School, St. Ignatius School, Martha Washington Elementary School, Discovery Charter School, and Heavenly Hall.

Any questions you may have about this program should be directed to me Claudia Setubal, Program Manager of Community Outreach, at 215-578-5133 or email me at


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