School Choices for Parkside

by Michael Burch
Even though Leidy Elementary School is closing permanently Blankenburg Elementary a public school, a public school, Parkside still has a great variety of schools for children in our area to attend. Parents should be aware of and pay close attention to these varied school choices as the new school year approaches.

Discovery Charter School has recently moved from it’s old location on Parkside Avenue to its’ new and current location on Belmont Avenue.

Discovery Charter will open its’ doors to students at this larger and better equipped location for the first time this September.

Discovery Charter School Under Construction at 4700 Parkside.
Discovery Charter School Under Construction at 4700 Parkside.

Within easy walking distance of Parkside Avenue is the Global Leadership Academy located at 4601 Girard Avenue. Global is another new school addition to our neighborhood. Right across the street from Global is Blankenburg Elementary School which has served this community since 1925. It was on the SRC “chopping block” but was spared and will open in the fall.

A more recent school addition in our area is the School of the Future. It literally sits in Fairmount Park. The School of the Future was built in 2008. During the five years of its’ existence, it has had its’ share of struggles and challenges.

There have been leadership changes and enrollment issues concerning the surrounding community. Hopefully, it appears that the school has solved or dealt with most of its’ “growing pains”. The editors of the JOURNAL are cautiously optimistic that this is true and that the SOF is on its’ way to a great future in Parkside.

Discovery’s old location has recently been taken over by another new school in the area, called Kipp Dubois Collegiate Academy. They are a Charter High school and are new to our area. We wish them well as they begin operation in Parkside.


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