BAWP Presents The Nancy Kolb Award

by Michel Burch

Parkside is quickly becoming a thriving, bustling community. New businesses and people move into our area every day. No group is more aware of this then the Business Association of West Parkside (BAWP).

BAWP was formed in 1987 to help the needs of businesses in the Penn West Park Enterprise Zone.

Since that time BAWP has been stewarding the Parkside region. One of their many efforts to bring recognition to the Parkside region was the creation of the Nancy Kolb Award.

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 8.53.20 AMThe Nancy Kolb award was created in 2009 to recognize the contributions of Nancy Kolb to the West Parkside and greater Philadelphia area, upon Ms. Kolb’s retirement from the Please Touch Museum as its long- time president and CEO.

The award recognizes a business and its leadership which exemplifies Nancy Kolb’s business acumen and commitment to being an interactive, responsive community member.

The award itself is a large model of the Statue of liberty holding the torch and flame.

The original hand was first displayed at the centennial celebration of 1876 near Memorial Hall which is now the Please Touch Museum. It was given to the United States by France to symbolize “Liberty Enlightening the World”.

The BAWP board chose this image, created by the Kinect Corporation for the Please Touch Museum, as a fitting remembrance of the history of the area and the vital role we all play in “enlightening” the communities in which we live, work and own businesses.

Each year the arm is passed on to the business that the board feels best exemplifies the qualities Nancy Kolb instilled in the Please Touch Museum – a sound business model and a commitment to community. The award has gone to the Please Touch Museum (2009) and Brown’s Super Stores (2010), The Mann (2011), and West Philadelphia Financial Services Institute (2012).

Due to the success and response of the Nancy Kolb Award, the Business Association of West Parkside felt that it is only appropriate to add an award honoring a government official and an ambassador of the neighborhood, so in 2012 the West Park Ambassador Award and the Civic Leadership Award were added.

The West Parkside Ambassador Award celebrates an individual who exemplifies the spirit of West Parkside and who, through their efforts and actions, is a tireless advocate for our community and residents.

This award was given to Lucinda Hudson in (2012). The Civic leadership award was given to Rick Redding in (2012) The Civic Leadership Award celebrates an elected or government official who has provided critical leadership and who represents the interest and greater benefit of the Business Association Of West Parkside.

This year’s award winners will be announced in a special recognition awards ceremony held on September 26th. 2013.


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